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The capital on borderlands. History of the town of Jawor (till 1945)


Goliński, Mateusz ; Muła, Arkadiusz ; Przerwa, Tomasz

Subject and Keywords:

microhistory ; economy ; social history ; local history ; social cohesion ; region ; locality ; Silesia ; Jawor ; Jawor-Świdnica Duchy ; town ; urban history ; urban culture


Jawor is an unusually interesting example of a center of power that, contrary to local conditions, was constantly trying to match by its history with the rank given to it by the decision of the Piast princes in the second half of the 13th century. Bolko I deciden there to make the town the capital of the duchy. As we shall see, although this decision has on the one hand colossal consequences for raising the center's prestige, on the other hand, it remains debatable if it caused investments of the authorities for strenghtening central functions of the city inside the duchy? These foundations had cultural, civilizational potential that supported townsmens’ efforts to build and maintain the prestige of the community? Equally intriguing is the question of dealing with the past of the city - the capital of the duchy - at the moment of actual and later formal liquidation of the duchies after the occupation of Silesia by the king of Prussia (1740). From the perspective of the project 'Native Silesia...' within which this publication was created, the key was to find the answer to the question: how far local social and economic conditions could influence the shape of the history of the settlement promoted by the authorities for the center of the community? And how much te town’s history was modified by efforts of the authorities and residents of this center to create and maintain the prestige of the capital? At the intersection of local conditions and at least regional ambitions, the urban community had to function struggling with the actual conditions. Its fascinating fortunes are the subject of this study.

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Wiszewski, Przemysław. Red. ; Jaworski, Krzysztof. Rec.

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