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Utopia, Ideology and/or Everyday Education Practice

Subject and Keywords:

utopia ; education ; ideology


The collection of texts by scholars of the Department of General Pedagogy at the University of Wrocław is, on the one hand, an expression of the contemporary approach to general pedagogy as a reflection on multidisciplinary upbringing – mainly of philosophical, sociological and psychological nature, and, on the other hand, a reference to the name of pedagogy and its Greek source of the concept of paidagogos, which describes a slave in ancient Greece who led the sons of free citizens to a place of physical exercise and games. A number of vital questions arise in reference to the Greek idea of leading: how can contemporary pedagogues lead a student? Why lead? What for? With whom? Where? Lead towards what? These questions have been posed many a time and it might seem that the reader of this volume may expect methodical answers. However, as we have already indicated, our reflection on upbringing is oriented differently. Creating the conceptual framework of this volume, also reflected in its title, we decided that it is worth pointing out the significance for both theory and educational practice of the phenomena at the intersection of the utopia, ideology and/or everyday upbringing.

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Żłobicki, Wiktor. Red.

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